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Add a first introductory session for Handy Gym in which you will learn the functioning and benefits of this revolutionary product. Totally free*!

Featured by our collaborator Laura Montes: Hi, My name is Laura Montes and I am the person who will be showing you how to start working and getting better results with Handy Gym.

What will you get in this introductory class to Handy Gym?

  1. Learn the benefits of inertial technology and how to get the most out of Handy Gym.
  2. What are the different accessories and how to use them to obtain a better performance.
  3. How to start exercising with Handy Gym and avoid misuse or common mistakes.
  4. Demonstration of different exercises that can be performed with HG.
  5. Any doubt or comment to be solved in real time.
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*Limited Time.

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