Handy Gym Original


This Handy Gym Original includes 7 pieces . With this basic pack you can do a full body workout, mainly at home, or to workout upper body parts outside, while traveling or at the office. Get incredible results with Handy Gym™ the most portable and powerful inertial training device!


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Included with Handy Gym™ Original:

Handy Gym™ Base with D-Grip Handle + Rope Adjuster

The base device without encoder. Needs accessories to use.

A Pair of Blue discs

Medium resistance discs (6 Oz. each). Up to 75lbs/32.5kg of power. For average muscle groups.

Wall Mounting Plate

Allows Handy Gym™ to attach to a hard surface. Easy to fix, the solution for your everyday home training.

Multipurpose Handle

A rigid rubberized handle for hand or foot. A must to use with the machine.